Wood carving - Tiki (Tk23-4)

Tiki Marquesas art - 9.05" (approx)

Handmade sculpture from the island of Fatu Hiva of the Marquesas Islands.
Each piece is unique. (TK23-4)

The tiki
The tiki is a strong symbol of Polynesia where it is omnipresent and has a protective role. According to legend, the tiki would be the creator of man. Half-man half-god or man-god, he was worshipped by the Polynesians who feared him. It is sculpted in particular proportions that embody strength, beauty and prosperity :
- Its triangular, neck-less head symbolizes power.
- The big eyes evoke knowledge and supernatural power.
- Its stretched mouth that sometimes poking the tongue out marks challenge or provocation.

The Marquesas Islands
The Marquesas Islands are located in the north of the South Pacific about 1400 km of Tahiti. They form the Marquesas archipelago which is one of the five archipelagos of French Polynesia. Craftsmanship occupies an essential place there and Marquis sculptors are recognized among the best of Oceania and the world. Their preferred materials are wood, stone and bone. To make their wood sculptures, they mainly use noble woods such as the miro (rosewood of Oceania) or the Tou (walnut of Oceania).

Dimensions : Height - 23cm / 9.05" (approx)

Island of origin : Fatu Hiva

Material : Tou

Shipping Details : This product ships from French Polynesia