Tiki Monoï - Tipanier 1 fl oz

Small format 1 fl oz

Perfumed with the flowers of frangipanier, the famous tipanie of Tahiti and her islands.
Monoï TIKI Tipanier is recommended for its moisturizing virtues and dry skins.

What is Monoï ?
Monoï has been used for hundreds of years by the Polynesian people to moisturize and beautify skin and hair. It is obtained by maceration of fresh tiara buds in coconut oil. The monoï of Tahiti benefits from a label of origin to avoid being confused with other oils of lesser quality that do not hesitate to claim they're Monoï from Tahiti. Tahiti Shopping offers you only Monoï of Tahiti with the label of origin.

Also available in the Large format 4 fl oz and the Travel format 2 fl oz

Plastic bottle - screw cap : 1 fl oz

Shipping Details : This product ships from French Polynesia