Sarong pareo - Cambria purple

100% Rayon
Dimensions : 71" x 45" (approx)

Each Hinano pareo is designed by Polynesian designers. The motifs are inspired by the flora, fauna, tattoo or local folklore.

The pareos of the famous brand of the flowered Vahine are extremely pleasant to wear. They are fluid, soft and silky with a pretty flow.

What is a Pareo ?
The pareo originated in Polynesia, where it is widely used. A rectangle of fabric that men wear tied around the waist like a loincloth and that women can tie in many different ways to cover their body.
Light and often very colorful, it can also be used to cover a seat or table or even to decorate a living space.

If you are shopping from outside of the United States or you are not a US resident, please visit Thoughts of Moorea to complete your order.

Composition : 100% Rayon

Dimensions : 71" x 45" (approx)

Shipping Details : This product ships from French Polynesia

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