Sarong pareo - Cotton veil 3

Cotton veil pareo.
Dimensions : 67" x 43" (approx)

A Tahitian pareo with a faded colorful pattern, handmade using stencils by local craftsmen. Not only authentic but unique due to the techniques and gestures of another time, passed down from generation to generation, all adding to the authenticity of this true Tahitian pareo.

- Unique, other pareos may be have similar designs but each one is an original
- 100% Ultra light cotton veil
- Handmade stencil
- Colorful, faded design

What is a Pareo ?
The pareo originated in Polynesia, where it is widely used. A rectangle of fabric that men wear tied around the waist like a loincloth and that women can tie in many different ways to cover their body.
Light and often very colorful, it can also be used to cover a seat or table or even to decorate a living space.

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Composition : 100% Cotton

Dimensions : 67" x 43" (approx)

Shipping Details : This product ships from French Polynesia

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